Volunteers Make It Mission Possible

Remember the TV show Mission Impossible?  Dramatic music, characters with quick and decisive movements, clearly-defined problems, well-coordinated and executed strategy, and then, at the end, mission accomplished?  Well, our work in Northeast Iowa sometimes feels like “mission impossible” without the dramatic music.  The characters (staff and volunteers) are thorough and thoughtful in their approach to problems, and they carry tool boxes filled with possibilities.

At Helping Services, we are Mission Possible: focused and mission-directed.  We believe we can do it, one small step, one person, one community at a time. What is needed for success when serving people with complex experiences and problems is a combination of individual interest and concern with a willingness to engage in problem-solving and service alongside your neighbors.  

This is the winning combination that creates a force to be reckoned with: an engaged community willing to take on the difficult issues of domestic violence, substance abuse, and child abuse. Please join the mission. It is possible!

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