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Family Educators make sure young families get off to the right start by learning about developmental stages and connecting with other families. Educators us the Parents As Teachers® approach geared for families with a child, age birth to three. 

Domestic Violence Advocates empower individuals and families to overcome the violence in their lives and become survivors. Domestic abuse extends to intimate partners, teen dating, elder abuse and people sharing the same home.

Helping Services helps the public make educated decisions when gambling or using drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Staff connect with neighborhood coalitions, talk to alcohol and tobacco retailers, and connect with youth. Helping Services can help your organization with compliance, workplace policies, or connecting with adults and youth on substance use decisions.

Learn about youth mentoring programs at Helping Services for Youth & Families. Our programs connect caring adults with eager youth in Northeast Iowa. To learn more, visit HelpingServices.org/mentoring

Family Educator Shelby demonstrates a stacking activity for toddlers, age 14-24 months. Easily do this activity with items you already have around your house. Through trial and error, toddlers learn about decision making through stacking and building with objects.


Kathy, mentoring coordinator at Helping Services, encourages everyone to have fun using puppetry during this stay-at-home time. Some of the puppets give tips on talking about your feelings related to COVID-19, feeling safe, and staying healthy.


Contact our Prevention Team at Helping Services to host this full presentation and get all the details on tobacco.