Family Support & Education Videos

Family Educator, Shelby, presents on shape sorting!  Shape sorting develops motor and cognitive skills for toddlers. Find out how to make a home-made shape sorter and how to use it to enhance your toddler’s experience.

Family Educator Lori shares her years of knowledge covering topics of development for newborns to 8 months. In this introduction video, Lori talks about the Parents As Teachers® program, the importance of tummy time for newborns, eyesight development, and why playing is learning.  Watch all videos in the newborn – 8 mos series.

Family Educator Shelby demonstrates a stacking activity for toddlers, age 14-24 months. Easily do this activity with items you already have around your house. Through trial and error, toddlers learn about decision making through stacking and building with objects.

Family Educator Lillian shows how you can use objects from around your home to make a homemade racket and ball to play with your toddler. Encourages large motor skills, and hand/eye coordination

Family Educator Madi (they/them) provides an example of an Obstacle Course activity you can do in your own home for babies ages 8-14 months. It’s a simple and easy activity that can involve the whole family! This activity can help your baby move, learn position words, and gain the skills needed to eventually walk.

Family Educator, Lillian, shows how you can quickly make a hidden object game for a toddler. Enforces social, mental, and problem-solving skills; encourages language development as toddlers identify the objects.