Training Videos

These training videos are presented by Helping Services’ staff to provide topics to educate the community on current trends. Many of the trainings are for the benefit of volunteers in our Youth Mentoring programs, helping them to feel more confident when spending time with their mentee. Anyone, regardless of their needs, will benefit from viewing these videos.

Youth Alcohol Training 2023. Presented by Kathy Schwartzhoff in collaboration with Luther College nursing students. This video addresses young adults and alcohol use. Statistics, trends, and brain affects of alcohol of young adults age 14 to 20 are covered, as well as prevention strategies and how to talk to youth about safety, their health, and well being.

This 1 hour training provides helpful info information that adults can help the youth in their life. Our training is especially helpful to the adults participating in mentoring programs. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor in northeast Iowa, visit

How To Talk To Youth About Difficult Topics. Presented by Kathy Schwartzhoff and Denise Headington. Kathy and Denise cover developmentally appropriate concepts to discuss with youth, how to prepare for conversations, assisting youth with peer pressure, and provide a great list of resources! If you would like to find out more about youth mentoring in northeast Iowa, visit

Internet Safety. Hosted by Mentoring Coordinator, Kathy Schwartzhoff, along with Brittany McIntyre, Dating Violence & Stalking Advocacy Coordinator. The duo covers influence of media on youth, dangers and concerns, digital relationship abuse, and prevention and resource tools.

The Consequences of Binge Drinking. Facilitated by Kathy Schwartzhoff, mentoring coordinator of Helping Services, with special guest speaker, Dan Marx, the Winneshiek County Sheriff. Content includes defining binge drinking, area prevalence in Iowa, consequences to health/career/relationships, the law, and where to seek help.

Problem Gambling: Sports Betting. Jen Stolka, ACPC and CHES and Jenny Rose, ACPC present on problem gambling with an emphasis on sports betting. Get THE latest information and learn lots of great things to share with others. This presentation is part of providing education to support mentors in the Helping Services for Youth & Families Youth Mentoring Programs. The content is excellent and anyone can benefit!

Bullying. Presented by Sam Jennerjohn. Learn how to talk to youth about bullying. Learn how bullying is linked to risky behaviors and find local resources to cope with bullying.

Exposed, The Dangers of Prescription Drugs presented by Sam Jennerjohn.This training focus on the misuse of prescription drugs.

Problem Gambling: What Do You Have to Lose? Presented by Kathy Schwartzhoff.  This vast topic is narrowed down to cover trends, gambler types, how youth are hooked, warning signs, and Northeast Iowa resources.

Youth Drug Trends 2022. Presented by Jen Stolka and Kathy Schwartzhoff from Helping Services present the latest trends, signs and symptoms of use, and resources available for youth and parents/guardians.