Staff and volunteers work together in these teams to meet the needs of local individuals, families, businesses, and communities.
Please note: Due to varying grant funding, our services are not all offered in each county we serve.


Advocates work with survivors to help them get to safety, process a traumatic event, and live life knowing they are not to blame. Domestic Abuse Advocacy Services….


Family educators and prevention coordinators promote positive parent-child interaction to encourage maximum child development and prevent child abuse. Family Education and Support Programs, Events, and Services


Prevention specialists empower people to stop the future misuse and illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Substance Use Prevention Programs…


Staff and volunteer role models equip youth to aspire, achieve, and develop to their fullest potential. Youth Mentoring Programs

The concrete, immediate services – helping me relocate, get medical care, etc.– I am convinced, saved my life. This is not dramatics but reality. I am now growing, healing, and joyfully (with support) rebuilding my life.
Resource Center Client
When I asked my son what things he does to fit in and is drinking, using tobacco, trying other drugs one of them, he said, ‘No. I just be myself.'
Parent of Mentee
When I first got pregnant...I felt lonely and desperate because I didn’t know what to do. Then I met Lillian Quam… Through her counseling, I was able to learn a lot as a mother,and I felt more prepared for the arrival of my newborn... Thanks to this program, I felt more secure, and I was reassured that my son was developing in a healthy way. I know that I am not alone and that my son and I are in good hands. Thank you.”
Family Support Client