Youth Mentoring Videos

Tim mentors because he wants to provide a role model to young people, just like he had when he grew up. Tim it’s fun to go biking, hiking or play board games. Tim participates in Howard county. .

Jessica feels it’s important to be a sounding board for youth, and offer encouragement. Jessica was surprised to find out that the mentee was helping her as much as she was helping the mentee. Jessica participates in youth mentoring in Delaware county.

Male role models to youth are so important! Recent retiree, Terry says he feels mentoring is about connecting with youth during stressful times. He says its all about trying new experiences with youth. He likes to have open-ended conversations with his mentee about such things as future

It doesn’t matter what age you are, blowing bubbles is a fun activity for everyone!  Mentoring Coordinator Colinne shares a recipe for making your own homemade bubble mix!  For bubble recipe visit:

Looking for a fun activity to do with your mentee? How about a Fort Movie Night? Intern Laura shares a great and simple idea you can do with your mentee or mentor.