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Substance Abuse Prevention Community Coalitions

Substance abuse is an issue that every community deals with. It does not discriminate and it does not only happen in certain places or to certain people. One way that many communities are addressing this issue is through establishing local substance abuse prevention coalitions.  Many of you may have heard the term coalition but wondered what that really means. A substance abuse prevention coalition is a collaboration among groups or sectors of a community that work together toward the common goal of a safe, healthy, and drug-free community (CADCA).

Substance abuse prevention is a long-term process and is never fully completed as new issues tend to arise. Coalitions work on addressing specific issues that a community may be facing and these can look very different from one community to another. Running an effective and successful coalition requires a mix of volunteers, resources, partnerships across sectors, and willingness from the community as a whole to accept and address these issues. 

Why do we do what we do? 

Helping Services believes that addressing the issues surrounding substance use, especially among our youth, we all can be a part of the change. Bringing change by mobilizing our communities, providing education and support to families, reducing access to substances, and deterring the acceptance of use through our prevention efforts.  We are a passionate, data-driven group of individuals that are leading the way for healthy futures for our youth. Want to join? 

Learn more about your local community coalition:

If you are interested in learning more about a community coalitions contact us at 563-387-1720 or info@helpingservices.com

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