Family Literacy Night – TigerHawk Connections Learning Center

After eating, families were free to explore different St. Patrick’s Day literacy activities set up in the library, gym, and art room. The literacy activities included word searches, cross words, word scrambles, and even some creative writing activities. The favorite creative writing activity of the night stated, “The leprechaun you caught is about to grant you three wishes in exchange for his release. What are you going to ask for and why? Use the power of your imagination and get as creative as you can.” Kiddos had many answers ranging from $100, a mansion, a zillion dollars, and even some horses.

Eight families, with 25 people total attended literacy. The TCLC program encourages parents to be involved in their child’s learning as studies show they achieve higher scores when testing, and TCLC always enjoys helping kiddos reach their goals. To learn more visit or contact Brittney Backes at & 563-379-0629.



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