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Massman Construction and Solar Donates for National Mentoring Month

“Mentoring is really important, especially for young kids who need a role model.”

These are the words of Tom Massman, of Massman Construction and Solar. For four years, Massman’s business has been an avid supporter of Youth Mentoring at Helping Services for Youth & Families, but in an unusual way. To thank their customers each year, Massman Construction and Solar makes a donation in the customer’s name to Youth Mentoring.

“It’s a great idea, and I would like to see this catch on with more businesses,” says Tom. “Our customers appreciate a gift that supports such a worthwhile program.”

Massman’s gift will help connect more volunteer mentors with local kids. The money may cover costs for mentor training, background checks, or special outings for the matches to take together. These behind-the-scene expenses are key ways to help youth feel connected, valued, and empowered.

January is National Mentoring Month. If you would like to “Be a Hero and Become a Mentor” visit our mentoring page to fill out a quick form and one of our mentoring coordinators will get back to you.

Pictured with Tom (middle) are Carson Eggland (left), Executive Director of Helping Services for Youth & Families, and Kathy Schwartzhoff (right), Mentoring Coordinator.

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