For the Hope of a Better, Healthier, Safer Tomorrow

By Carson Eggland, Executive Director

Where do you live? Maybe you live in a place filled with respect, positive relationships, and support to get through struggles. Or maybe you live with threats of abuse or addictions. Perhaps you live somewhere in the middle? No one’s home is perfect. Every family must overcome hurdles, whether it’s keeping your kids safe from violence or having conversations about tough topics.

Regardless of where you live, we all need help sometimes to get through life’s challenges. The hope of a better, healthier, safer tomorrow is why Helping Services exists and why I am sending this letter. Your financial support is needed to create safe and healthy communities for all children and families in Northeast Iowa.

Domestic violence, substance abuse, and child abuse are not easy subjects to address, but our team is here to help. Last year thanks to gifts from local donors, advocates helped 339 victims of abuse begin the healing process and feel safer.  Staff hosted substance abuse prevention presentations and trainings, bringing awareness to thousands of students and community members. Long-term role models mentored 86 youth. Family educators assisted 82 families in their home with parenting and child development skills. These are not simply numbers. Every number is a real person in your community who needed a little help, a little hope.

Please consider supporting this work by giving a gift this holiday season. Your donation allows us to meet people where they live and provide the services they need. Our team could not do the work we do without the continued partnerships of local communities and donors.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best, wherever you live.

Carson Eggland, Executive Director

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