Thank you to everyone who volunteered, sponsored, and visited the 2015 display. Holiday Lights was enjoyed by both young and old:

One little boy was talking with Santa at the Lights. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, the boy said, “I just told you when I saw you at the store. Don’t you remember?”

Then on another night a volunteer greeting a car was told the gentleman in the back seat was 100 years old, and he has made it a point to come to the Lights the last few years.

These were just two of the passengers in the 3,353 vehicles that drove through and enjoyed the Lights. While this wasn’t a record year for visitors, down 89 cars from last year’s all-time record visits, people were most generous at the gate. They donated over $26,000. These funds along with your sponsorship will help us continue to work with the kids and adults of Northeast Iowa, while cash flow is tight and grant funding is limited.

On behalf of all the young and old, and the staff and clients who your sponsorship has and will serve, thank you.

See you at the 2016 Holiday Lights.

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