Greetings, I’m Carson, the New Executive Director

By Carson Eggland, Executive Director

Thank you for the opportunity to lead the wonderful team at Helping Services for Northeast Iowa. As a volunteer, staff member, donor, friend, or advocate for this organization, you have provided significant impact to families and children in the area. I look forward to continuing the tradition that Dave Runyon has shaped during his many years of service at Helping Services as he transitions into a well-deserved retirement this summer. Congratulations Dave! Having worked at the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City for the past twelve years, I’ve met thousands of families going through most difficult situations. Often times, the single most stressful experience in a young family’s life is experiencing their child struggle with a medical condition or treatment. I understand what it means for these families to find some stability in the form of a hot meal, clean room, and a network of other families to lean on during the tough times. In many ways, Helping Services for Northeast Iowa is no different than a Ronald McDonald House. The organization is providing vital services for families or individuals looking for stability, comfort, or ways to improve their child’s, community’s, or their own well-being. By providing services such as prevention classes, family education lessons, or mentoring opportunities, the heart of the mission is the same at Helping Services: providing welcoming spaces and conversations to help people live healthy and happy lives. I am eager to meet the people of Northeast Iowa and of Helping Services this summer as my wife, Chauncy, and I move to our new home in Decorah. Look for us as we run and bike the trails of the area or walk our dog, Rue, around the neighborhood. My official start date will be June 15, but don’t hesitate to contact me at prior to my arrival. Feel free to drop a note as a quick introduction or share a story about why Helping Services is such an important organization in the community. Look forward to meeting you soon!

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