Domestic Abuse Resource Center COVID-19 Response

As an agency we continue to seek ways to better respond to survivors and needs within our community particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, our Domestic Abuse Resource Center (DARC) applied and received a grant from the CARES Act passed by congress in response to COVID-19. This grant focuses on three main areas: 

  1. Client needs – Each client has different needs that may include groceries, gas, personal supplies or assistance with one month’s rent and/or utilities.
  2. Outreach – The DARC has seen a decline in the number of calls to the 24/7 resource line during the social distancing time period. It is our hope that we are accessible in every way possible to those in need and that we can provide support from our professional advocates.
  3. Chat line – In response to the decline in calls, the DARC launched a survivor chat line for clients to reach an advocate via their mobile device or computer. 

For information about how you can help support survivors of domestic violence, contact us at 563-387-1720 or info@helpingservices.org. If you would like to speak with a trained advocate call the 24/7 resource line at 800-383-2988 or via the secure chat line.    

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