Transitional Housing Program

Helping Services’ Domestic Abuse Resource Center’s Crossroads Transitional Housing Program assists survivors to obtain safe housing and empowers them in order to grow and obtain self-sufficiency. Through the transitional housing program, trained advocates are able to assist seven survivors and their children for up to two years. Before survivors are approved in the program, they have fled abuse or may be experiencing homelessness. We connect with the survivor to find and secure housing and able to pay their rent and utilities through our Office on Violence Against Women grant from the Department of Justice.

While in the program, advocates support participants in establishing and achieving both short and long term goals set by the survivors. The transitional housing coordinator meets with the participants regularly and they work together to reach self-sufficiency; budgeting, financial literacy, obtaining employment, reducing monthly spending, and raising credit scores. During time in the program, participants learn skills and save money so that they can continue to live and sustain safe housing once they exit the program.  As grant recipients, Helping Services receives technical assistance from the National Network to End Domestic Violence to allow advocates to attend training’s in order to better serve survivors. 

This program is vital to its participants as they are able to gain knowledge and abilities without the concern of violence or the threat of losing their home. Participants utilize the skills they developed while in the program and continue using them once they exit the program. If you would like more information, please feel free to email Peggy Shea, Domestic Abuse Advocate and Transitional Housing Coordinator at pshea@helpingservices.org

If you would like to speak to a trained domestic abuse advocate call the 24-hour resource line at 800-383-2988 or chat us via our website.

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