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Child Advocacy

Child advocacy is one of the services the Domestic Abuse Resource Center offers. Child clients currently live or have lived in homes where abuse is occurring. Child clients, age 6 and up, may work with an advocate one-on-one or in their sibling group. They work on building rapport and trust initially, then on self-regulation, coping skills, and safety. Some of the participants’ favorite activities are yoga, origami, and games.

One program advocates provide is Sib’s Club (short for Sibling’s Club), which is a 10-session curriculum facilitated by the child advocate, typically in the home or other familiar location. Sib’s Club is designed for the siblings to process their experiences individually and as a group so they can support each other. Its purpose is to build self-esteem, and positive images of family and empower kids to identify ways of dealing with stress in their family. It uses play & storytelling through puppets, role play & art to include the children’s interests. Families have reported that their children continue to meet for Sib’s Club even after the advocate completes the curriculum.

Child advocacy services can be offered in English or Spanish. If you’d like to refer a family or learn more, contact the Resource Line at 800-383-2988, chat with us at https://www.helpingservices.org/chat, or email info@helpingservices.org.

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