Winter Car Seat Safety

Is it safe for my child to wear a winter coat in their car seat?

This is a question that comes up each winter. The short answer is yes, it may be safe but you must take the proper precautions. Some winter coats and fleeces can prevent a snug and proper fit of the harness, which is to be tight at the shoulder and hips. When a child is in a coat you may think your child is snug in the car seat but it may not be tight enough as there may be air in the coat or clothing. 

To prevent issues and assure safety Safe Kids Worldwide suggests to adjust the harness to properly fit while your child’s coat is removed. Then put your child’s coat on and then re-buckle. We recommend view this video to make sure the harness is snug and passes the pinch test:

There may be varying options depending on your situation and car seat. Check with your manufacturer for specific information. Please visit the Safe Kids Worldwide, Ultimate Car Seat Guide for more information.

Remember, the safest ride for your child is to use the car seat correctly. 

If you have specific questions please give one of our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians a call at 563-387-1720.

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