Youth Mentoring Match Delivering Joy in Cresco

Autumn Nolan from Cresco Iowa became a mentor to Khloe Stermer in February of 2020 through Youth Mentoring at Helping Services. 2020 has been a different year for us all, this amazing match took it upon themselves to spread some much needed “joy” in Cresco. 

Klhoe with the “joy” bags

Autumn and Klhoe created specialty gift bags they called “joy bags” that included hot cocoa, candy treats, Christmas pencils, handcrafted bracelets, Rice Krispie treats, and popcorn or cracker snacks. Then they safely distributed them to households in Cresco by dropping them on doorsteps. Talk about spreading “joy” to others and having fun while teaching youth about giving back; just what Youth Mentoring is all about. 

Autumn and Klhoe are an inspiration to us all and graciously received a thank you card from one of their “joy bag” recipients. 

If you want to be like Autumn and become a mentor so you can find your Khloe to connect with and begin spreading joy as a mentoring match, contact Colinne or Kathy at 563-387-1720 or mentoring@helpingservices.org. For more information on Youth Mentoring visit www.helpingservices.org/mentoring.

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