Oral Screens for Upper Iowa University Were a Success

By Katie Kust, Intern

As part of “Through With Chew Week,” on February 18, Helping Services sponsored free oral screenings for students and faculty at Upper Iowa University. Dr. Stephanie Beesecker from Sumner volunteered to conduct these screenings which consisted of an examination of the gums, tonsils, and neck. Dr. Beesecker was impressed with the event and was happy with the number of students that came to the screenings. She explained that this is a really important event for students who may not be able to see their dentist very often. Students who attended the screenings were appreciative of the free screenings and the additional information about the effects of chewing tobacco. Information was also available about Quitline. Quitline is giving eight weeks of free nicotine gum, patches, or lozenges to anyone 18 or older who calls 1-800-QUIT NOW or visits www.quitlineiowa.org. They also provide coaching to help tobacco users quit. Research shows that phone coaching is twice as effective as those trying to quit on their own. Helping Services plans to continue the partnership with Upper Iowa University to reduce tobacco-use in the future by offering annual oral screenings.  For more information, contact Tessa Willie at Helping Services, 563-387-1720.

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