With graduation parties around the corner, Helping Services wants to remind parents about the Social Host Law in the state of Iowa.  If you allow youth to drink alcohol in your home or on your property, you are a social host. It is now a criminal offense in Iowa. That means jail time and expensive fines. Underage drinking is high risk for parents, their property, and especially minors. 

Advocate with the Winneshiek County ERASE Substance Abuse Coalition and Helping Services by encouraging parents to keep their children’s parties substance-free. You can read a fact card here about social hosting in Winneshiek County.

If you are interested in the safety of teens in your community, we encourage you to participate in a local coalition. Nearly each county we serve in has an independent county-run volunteer coalition. Our staff serve as members of these groups, and help organize and implement local initiatives to prevent substance abuse. Contact prevention@helpingservices.org to learn more!


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