Dating Violence and Stalking Training

Dating violence and stalking prevention education is a part of the services we provide at the Domestic Abuse Resource Center. Advocates in the Resource Center provide background and knowledge of safe and healthy relationships and assist students with skills to set personal boundaries. Dating violence advocates work with students from 6th grade through college by providing an age-appropriate healthy relationships curriculum. Presentations cover a multitude of important topics including; identifying dating violence red flags, setting healthy and appropriate boundaries, how to help someone who may be in an unhealthy relationship, and how to access free and confidential help.

During the 23-24 school year, our dating violence advocate team provided 92 presentations to middle, high school, and college students, reaching 2,109 students in the seven-county service area! We are grateful to the area schools and their students who allowed us to share this important information with them and we look forward to expanding our program. If you or someone you know is interested in prevention education or if you need help from a dating violence advocate, please call the 24/7 Resource Line at (800) 383-2988 or chat with an advocate at: HelpingServices.org/chat.   

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