Beverage Server Training

Selling and serving of alcohol beverages does not go without risks and many times those who work in the industry are not aware of the liability involved. Helping Services Substance Abuse Prevention Team provides Responsible Beverage Server Training’s to educate on these risks.

Training’s are free to all those who may be selling or serving alcohol, including at fairs or festivals. Prevention staff and law enforcement partner to provide details on how to thoroughly check ID’s, along with how to identify valid or counterfeit ID’s. Servers are educated on what their rights and responsibilities are if a customer has had too much to drink, is using a fake ID, or drinking underage. As difficult situations arise, interactive scenarios provide discussion and tools to make the server feel more confident.

Responsible Beverage Server Training’s are offered at least twice a year in each county and available upon request. This is a great opportunity to bring license holders together and get updates on laws and regulations in Iowa that may affect sales. License holders also share experiences, brainstorm ideas, and get any questions they might have answered. We all have a common responsibility to keep our communities safe and healthy and these training’s are a great opportunity to help with this. To learn about upcoming training’s and more info on what Helping Services offers visit or contact us at & 563-387-1720.


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