Youth Mentoring + Ice Cream = Winning Combination

There are many combinations that just work well together; peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, and bread and butter to name a few. A winning local combination is ice cream and kids! This sweet collaboration involves Youth Mentoring at Helping Services for Youth & Families and Sugar Bowl.

Every second Thursday of the month, Youth Mentoring hosts a special hour called Tasty Thursday. The hour invites all mentors, mentees, their families, and those wishing to find out more about mentoring to gather for a sweet treat and fun on the west side of Decorah, College Drive, at The Landing Market Sugar Bowl’s site. Those attending can come for the entire hour or for a shorter time that fits their schedule. A highlight involves enjoying a scoop of ice cream donated by Sugar Bowl.  

Sugar Bowl co-owner Nathan Todd shares, “We love being able to offer our space and a treat for Youth Mentoring participants. It is a great opportunity to give back and support area youth.” Activities that happen at a Tasty Thursday event involve board games, card games, visiting with others, talking with the mentoring staff, and indulging in a delicious sweet treat. 

Youth Mentoring at Helping Services provides an adult role model to youth ages 6-16. Mentors spend a minimum of four hours a month with their youth doing simple things together. Currently, 59 youth and adults are building memories together, and 18 youth are waiting for a mentor. Men are especially needed for boys/young men who are requesting a male mentor to be that extra role model. 

Those interested in finding out more are encouraged to attend the Tasty Thursday at The Landing Market, 211 College Drive, Decorah. If you are not able to attend and would like information on Tasty Thursdays or getting involved in Youth Mentoring, contact Colinne McCann or Kathy Schwartzhoff at (563) 387-1720, mentoring@helpingservices.org, or online at www.helpingservices.org/mentoring.

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