Youth Preventing Dating Violence

Dating violence advocate, Brittany McIntyre, and Bremer/Southern Fayette County advocate, Terrishane Mathews, have been providing dating violence prevention presentations to 8th grade students this past year. For some of the presentations, they have partnered with both Riverview Center and Friends of the Family. Along with dating violence, the students were able to learn about the warning signs of sexual assault and human trafficking. This collaboration made it possible for the students to put a face with the area victim advocacy services and also helps alleviate the initial fear of calling an unknown agency provider.

As a follow up to the presentations, the advocates come back in the 9th grade year and do a dating violence simulation with the students. This simulation, called “In Their Shoes”, allows the students to walk in the shoes of a teen that is affected by dating violence. In the 2018-2019 school year, staff presented to approximately 350 13-15 year olds. All of the students received a presentation on boundaries, consent, red flags, and the dynamics of dating violence.

For more information on presentations and services visit our website, www.helpingservices.org or give us a call at 800-383-2988.

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