Workplace Gambling Toolkit

Do you know someone whose gambling is becoming a problem? It’s estimated that about 1 in 4 adult Iowans have been negatively impacted by the gambling of others. After all, about 14% of adult Iowans are experiencing problems related to their gambling. For individuals participating in fantasy sports and sports betting, the risk increases to 23% (Your Life Iowa, 2023).

The Helping Services Prevention Team is addressing some of these concerns by looking at gambling in the workplace. They have been tasked with reaching out to agencies and local businesses to determine if they have a current workplace gambling policy and then assisting in developing or strengthening that policy. They have a gambling in the workplace toolkit available to anyone interested in learning more about preventing gambling in the workplace, learning more about how gambling can affect individuals and their careers, tips to keep gambling from getting out of control, along with a workplace gambling policy template that can be modified to fit any agency or business. 

If your agency or business would be interested in learning more about this toolkit or would like to learn more about gambling in the workplace, please reach out to Helping Services at (563) 387-1720 or prevention@helpingservices.org. Visit yourlifeiowa.org for more information or to complete a gambling screening questionnaire.

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