Thankful I Met My Parents as Teachers Family Educator

By a Client, as told to Family Educator Lori Barry

I have struggled with symptoms of depression for a long time. When I was pregnant, my doctor followed me closely, and I was referred to a larger hospital as a high-risk OB. I was to be monitored after I had my baby and treated for my depression, but that did not happen.

We took our baby to our local doctor for the two-day check-up, and my child needed hospitalization for jaundice. I was able to stay with my baby. The day we were to go home, my depression symptoms were “bad.” I needed further care.

The doctors talked to us about the Parents as Teachers Home Visiting. As it turned out, I kind of knew the lady that was going to be coming in to see us, as she had checked our baby’s car seat. It was kind of scary; I really did not want her to see me this way. But I knew I needed and wanted help. When she came into the room, she sat beside me and listened to everything I had to say. She was so gentle with her words to me; it felt so reassuring and comforting. For the first time, I felt like someone cared about me, that I was not crazy!

The Family Educator continued interacting me with phone calls, and then, when we were ready, we signed up for Parents as Teachers. She understood that our family had things we needed to get done first, and she respected us.

I am so blessed to have her come to our home! She not only comes to assess our child’s development and gives us activity ideas for our child, but she is here for me, too! She has a great listening ear for when I feel I need to talk. Family Education at Helping Services is a great program; I wish I would have had it with my other children!

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