Parent’s: Your Kids Want You to Quit Tobacco

By Laura Albert, Tobacco Prevention Specialist

At the Safety/Health Fair held at the Oelwein Elementary School last week, our team set shared information on Substance Abuse Prevention services available in Fayette County.  As part of our display, we handed out Quit Kits for help with chewing and smoking cessation. However, despite our best efforts for encouraging people to get help to overcome their tobacco addiction, it was the kids who were the best advocates.

One young boy told his mom that she needed one of those kits so she would stop smoking.  Mom wasn’t so sure she was ready to stop, but she took a kit with her anyway.

Another family came by, and the two daughters quickly picked up two Quit Kits, each insisting to their mom and dad, “Here you two need this.  You need to stop smoking!”  The parents laughed and agreed to look the information over once they got home.

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