Mentoring Intern Farewell

I had the honor and pleasure of interning with Youth Mentoring at Helping Services from early February to mid-May. I had the opportunity to do many wonderful things during that time. Two of my favorites were:  starting with a new mentor and taking them through the entire journey of their one-on-one interview, the two hour required training, and then conducting their match support check-ins. Another highlight was interviewing a couple who mentor a youth and writing a feature article for Helping Services’ agency newsletter about their wonderful mentoring friendship.

Laura playing cards at a mentoring event.

I want to thank the staff for being so welcoming, patient, and kind to me, especially during the epidemic transition to online work. Thank you to Colinne, Kathy, and Tessa for teaching me the details of mentoring, answering all my questions, and trusting me to be a part of the program’s vision.

I wish I had the opportunity to meet more mentors and community members, but I wish you all safety and wellness. Thanks again for a memorable and meaningful Senior Social Work Practicum!

For more information about mentoring visit helpingservices.org/mentoring or email mentoring@helpingservices.org.



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