Increased Activity for Domestic Abuse Advocates

Each year, the Domestic Abuse Resource Center team prepares for the warmer months as both the staff and volunteers know that calls to the resource line (800-383-2988) will be increasing. What is surprising is that the number of clients the advocates have assisted and the number of calls have continued to increase over the past few months. We are, however, relieved that individuals have reached out and are asking for help.

The increased assistance has meant that our advocates have had to put in extra hours along with the day to day meetings and outreach to providers they manage in the Resource Center. The advocates are our greatest resources to assist survivors of domestic violence in the seven counties we serve. One worry with the increased activity is the physical and emotional toll it takes on our advocates. We are always looking for ways to allow our advocates to decompress and avoid burnout from the stressful work they provide.  We appreciate any help in this manner so if you have ideas or resources available, please feel free to contact our team.

In addition, there are many ways to assist domestic violence survivors and here are just a few; volunteer to help answer the resource line during the day or after hours, donate to our client supply pantry, organize The Giving Project and thank the advocates for their hard work and dedication to survivors. 

You can reach our team at 800-383-2988, 24 hours a day, seven days a week or email us at: info@helpingservices.org.  

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