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Double Your Donation

Double your donation through June 30th!

I am excited to announce that anonymous donors stepped up and establish a fund of $6,250 to double any donation that is made until the end of our fiscal year, June 30th 2019! How lucky to have unique donors willing to match the impact our programs provide to our community.

It is up to the community to help unlock these matching dollars to support Helping Services. I am asking each of you to consider supporting us this spring with a gift to support your favorite program at Helping Services. Each gift makes a difference as they will be doubled up to $6,250.

Donations to Helping Services make it possible to serve more children and families and to grow  a positive impact by partnering with local community leaders. With your investment together we are making northeast Iowa healthier and safer for all.

Make a gift today to support Helping Services work by visiting helpingservices.org/donate.

Thank you,

Carson Eggland
Executive Director   

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