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Community Support for Nicotine Free Parks & Trails

Many communities have adopted nicotine free parks and trails over the past several years, including quite a list we have worked with from our corner of the state. The Prevention 5 Coalition in Howard County along with the Crestwood HEROES High School leadership group wanted to add Cresco to this list. Community support started to pour in for nicotine free parks and trails with an overwhelming response including over 200 signatures in support, statements of support, and letters of support from the Howard County Board of Supervisors, Regional Health Services of Howard County, Prairie Springs Trail Board, F.I.T. Running Club of Cresco, and Kessel Kids Child Care.

In November, the Prevention 5 Coalition, Crestwood HEROES, and community members presented to the City Council and those in attendance shared why they believe nicotine free parks and trails is important. The Council ended up adopting a resolution at the December meeting and now all five parks and the trail that runs through Cresco are nicotine free. This accomplishment was truly a community effort!

Do you want your community to have nicotine free parks and trails? Helping Services is able to provide coordination of efforts, a sample resolution, and no cost signage. Visit our website and/or contact Tessa at twillie@helpingservices.org or 563-387-1720 to learn more.

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