Teens and Young Adults: Abuse in Your Home

“Domestic violence” doesn’t just mean mom and dad or girlfriend/boyfriend living together are fighting; it’s more than that. Anyone living under the same roof where abuse takes place is involved in domestic violence.

Wherever abuse is present, other members of the household will be affected, often seeing or hearing it happen. You may be in the same room when the abuse happens and may get caught up in the effort to make it stop. You may be in another room but still be able to hear the abuse happen, or you may see the physical injuries following the abuse. You may even be forced to take part in verbally (or other types) abusing the victim. You may be hurt or the target.

We have people trained to work with teenagers and young adults, age 14 years and older. These people serve as personal advocates and accompany victims to appointments with attorneys, doctors, law enforcement, and other professionals. They also offer individual counseling and support groups for adults/teenagers/young adults who have been victims of domestic abuse. (Child advocacy is available to children 13 years and younger).

If abuse is present in your home, resources are available to help you keep yourself as safe as possible.

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