Adapting to Change

Like you, we are finding our way through the new normal.  We certainly didn’t anticipate using words like COVID-19 and Social Distancing in 2020.  But adapting to change is something that our team is familiar with, so we press on to the best of our abilities.

Because our team interacts so much with the public throughout such a large eight county area, our Board of Directors agreed that closing our offices temporarily was the best way to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  So, our team is working remotely until at least April 13.  

That does not mean services have stopped.  As you will read below, our Resource Line (800-383-2988) is still operational and advocates are still able to provide important services to survivors.  While we are asking that mentors and mentees do not meet face-to-face at this time, mentors are encouraged to reach out in other ways. And Family Educators are still connecting over the phone to ensure families are finding resources they desire. 

Through it all, I have trust and faith in our team’s ability to adapt.  For the latest updates and news, please follow our Facebook page and blog.  We are also still asking for your support to make it happen.  Thank you for considering a gift this spring as we continue to provide necessary services to youth and families throughout northeast Iowa.

Be well, stay healthy, and thank you for continued support of Helping Services.  

Carson Eggland
Executive Director

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