28 Years and I’m Still Here

Dave, his wife Sue, and their dog, Brandy, at the first ever
Pet Walk for Domestic Violence Awareness

I began my work at Helping Services 28 years ago this September. As I reflect on the 40 years of service we celebrate this year, it has been an incredible journey of change and growth for me as well as the agency.

When I started In 1985, Helping Services was small, and the staff, including myself, was pretty inexperienced by today’s standards. The agency was formed in the early 1970s because of the grassroots activism of parents and socially-aware community members who wanted to help youth.

Over these four decades, we haven’t strayed far from that spirit and vision. Our approach to community services is still very grassroots, and a spirit of activism energizes our vision of healthy, safe families and communities.
This year we enjoyed the support of over 700 volunteers. That’s grassroots community engagement!

Funding for our work has also grown. One thing justifies this support: what we do makes a real difference in the lives of people in Northeast Iowa. There can be no other meaningful justification. And that is why after 28 years I am still here.

David Runyon, Executive Director

Dave Runyon at Helping Services in 1989

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