Tigerhawk Connections Learning Center

The TCLC enhances students’ education and provides homework help. It gives youth the opportunity to connect with community organizations and individuals who visit and share about a variety of topics. At TCLC, students can complete their homework, get help with a tough subject, attend group meetings like Scouts, play games, make friends, learn new skills, and visit local points of interest.

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  1. Can a child in the Head Start program and is 4 yrs old take part in this program? She is the only child that stays later with Head Start and gets to be a long day in there! Doing crafts and seeing other children would be helpful and they are very strict on times! Cannot be late to drop off and cannot pick up early! She is 4 yrs old and would enjoy this much more! I hope you will consider it!

    1. Thank you for your question. We agree that all children, regardless of age, would benefit from an after school program. However, the TigerHawk Connections Learning Center is funded by the Department of Education and is earmarked for youth in at least Kindergarten. Please know that we look forward to serving your daughter next year. —Stacie, TCLC Project Director

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