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Nicotine-Free Parks & Trails in Allamakee County

Many communities across Northeast Iowa & throughout the state have adopted nicotine-free parks & trails. The Allamakee Prevention Advisory Group is working on increasing the number of supporting communities in Allamakee County. Check out the list of communities that have supported this initiative.

There are a variety of benefits to nicotine-free parks & trails. Those benefits include a positive impact on the health of the public through limiting opportunities for exposure to secondhand smoke, a positive impact on the environment, and promoting a healthy community by setting a positive example for youth by promoting a healthy tobacco-free lifestyle. To learn more about the dangers of secondhand smoke check out this link.

The Allamakee Prevention Advisory Group is working to gather support for this initiative and their goal is to get 1,000 names. To provide support please visit https://forms.gle/2iRSpRQXE6Sb8Gf99. If you have any questions feel free to contact Ashley at ahavenstrite@helpingservices.org

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