A child’s early years are critical for positive development. Adults can lack resources and knowledge about important parenting skills. It’s not just a parents’ obligation; it’s everyone’s business to keep children safe and healthy. For these reasons, the team encourages maximum child development, positive parent-child interaction, and involved communities. This better ensures that every child, beginning at birth, will be successful. 

Families and communities of all configurations, income levels, and challenges can benefit from and engage with these services. To access, contact the team at 563-387-1720 or through our contact form.


Using the Parents As Teachers®  approach, families with a child, age birth to three, receive:


  • Breastfeeding support
  • Child passenger safety
  • Developmental assessments
  • Healthy home environment checklist
  • Infant/Child weight checks
  • Vision/Hearing screenings
  • Resource referral and Parent Support


  • Parent-Child playgroups


Iowa Family Support Credential

Helping Services Family Education & Support has earned the Iowa Family Support Credential. The credential is awarded to family support and parent education programs that are validated through an external evaluation to be in substantial adherence to the Iowa Family Support Standards.

The standards indicate that the program is providing high quality services that will result in positive outcomes for young children and families.