Our services are based on local needs and local ideas.

When people want to bring about positive change in their own lives and in their environment, they reach out to us.

We partner with them, giving the skills and knowledge through tools like these three as well as presentations and school programs.



Learn—right from your living room or office chair— the best way to help victims and end domestic violence.

ParentChild Play Group


Families with children ages zero to three get together to have fun, connect, and learn from one another.


Teams of people are addressing local substance abuse concerns through creativity and research.

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Youth experience success when they say “no” and stand against alcohol and drugs, glow from spending a few hours a month with a caring mentor, or draw closer to a parent or guardian because they had a tough, but important, conversation.

But other stories do not yet have a successful ending, so local youth still need your help.

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Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Be a Friend. Become a Mentor

Multiple options to become a role model for a local youth are available to fit your comfort level and schedule. Give us a few details, and we'll send you some information on what it takes to become a mentor and how to apply.

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