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It’s that time of year again.  Back to school shopping, registration, and for many of us, the enforcement of bedtime and curfews. For those of you who have stuck to regular bedtime and daily routines, congratulations! Your transition into the new school year will be a smooth one. For the rest of us who let our children wander to bed at the witching hour and manage to wake up sometime before lunch, we have some work to do.

To ease this transition, try getting back to a normal bedtime and wakeup routine.

  1. Begin one to two weeks before school starts by starting bedtime prep 15 minutes earlier each day until your kids are back on track.  
  2. Have them wake up in time to get ready for school, causing them to be tired and ready for an earlier bedtime.
  3. Two days before school starts, begin their whole morning routine of getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, styling their hair, etc.  This will work out any kinks before the big day.

If your child gets anxious or nervous about beginning the new school year, try to keep them calm and try not to make a big deal about school.  Act as if it is just another day.

This is also a good time to get them prepared socially.  Allow them to spend time with some of their school friends they may not have seen during the summer. This will reinforce their friendships and ease their worries about the new school year, like who to eat lunch with, play with at recess, and walk home with.

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Trish is a Child Advocate for Helping Services Domestic Abuse Resource Center. She works with children and their families to encourage healthy child development and helps children heal from exposure to domestic violence.

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