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Meet Alley:

A native of Edgewood, Alley served as the 2015 Edgewood Rodeo Queen. With her reign, she was asked to take on a community project that would make a difference in the Edgewood-Colesburg area. She chose to recruit more volunteers to become mentors in her community because she saw first hand as a mentor the difference it makes when a youth has a positive role model.  

The Alley Challenge

So this past summer, Ally’s goal was to connect 20 new mentors with local youth between June 1 and September 5. She called it the Alley Challenge. During this timeframe, Alley worked really hard to recruit new mentors and to create awareness of the mentoring program in the Ed-Co area. You could find Alley walking down the street, telling family and friends of her great experiences as a mentor, and inviting others to take the same opportunity. She hung up fliers and used social media to challenge everyone to become a volunteer. She also promoted the challenge during the 2016 Edgewood Rodeo.

Challenge Outcome: Brand New Friendships

Through Ally’s enthusiasm and energy, nine more Ed-Co youth now have a mentor! To celebrate the new mentors, thank Alley for her hard work, and bring all the Ed-Co mentoring folks together, we had a big party at Aunt Necee’s Pizza in Edgewood.

“I am so glad we have a mentoring program in Ed-Co! There is a need for more positive role models for youth and this challenge was a fun way to create awareness of how others can give back and support a better community!” said new mentor Morgan Fannon.

I want to thank everyone that has chosen to invest in an Ed-Co youth this next year. I especially want to thank Alley Burgin for her zest, positive energy, and drive to see this challenge to the end. Now Alley is off to college at UNI in Cedar Falls, and on behalf of all the youth and mentors, I wish her much success in all her future plans.

Alley’s Challenge was just one of the ways people are helping connect youth with positive role models. Here are a few other ideas that people are using:

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