By Jazmon Boose |

Working in Child Abuse Prevention, I can say that most parents never want to abuse or neglect their children. However, parenting is a difficult honor, and adults can lack resources and knowledge about positive parenting skills. Because of the Early Childhood students at NICC, more parents have been connected to needed resources and support. I would like to express the gratitude I feel for the Early Childhood students who have been volunteering with daycare at our parenting classes.

Because these students give their time, we can offer free daycare during our classes. Without the free daycare many adults would not be able to attend. Each night of the class, NICC student volunteers invest in anywhere from two to twenty children. The students are knowledgeable and skilled in their ability to work one-on-one with a youngster or in a large group. By offering free, safe, and reliable daycare, these students have encouraged healthy development of local kids and allowed parents to access new skills. For that I thank Dana Orr- Dotzenrodd and all of the Early Childhood students.

-Jazmon Boose, Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator/ Child Advocate


If you’d like to help provide a free meal or free childcare at an upcoming parenting class, please contact Jazmon.

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