Parents, do you want to maintain a positive relationship with your children during what can be the challenging teen years?

Come strengthen your parent/youth communication and prevent teen substance abuse and violent and aggressive behavior through this seven-week program.

All parents/guardians and their children ages 10 to 14
Each  of the seven nights will be broken into two sessions. For the first session:

  1. Your children will take part in games and activities that teach them how to get along with their peers and parents.
  2. You will learn how to build a positive relationship with your children.

Then you will come together for family time. During this second session, your family will identify what makes you strong, how to solve problems together, and ways to strengthen your communications, all while having fun.

Free light meal and childcare for younger siblings are provided.   Program is available in Delaware County. 

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach created this program.


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