We provide services to people whose first language is Spanish. You would help us translate materials, such as brochures, forms, or booklets, so they are more useful to our clients.
Most projects would be done over email, using Google Docs or Word. We would send you the file, and you would type in the translated version.

 This can be done as you are available. If you do not have time to translate an item, just let us know!

Send us a note if you're interested in helping.

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    • Subject: Volunteer Translator Spanish/English (it seems the submit is not working for this volunteer position)


      I would love to volunteer by translating documents, or if you need me to translate or interpret as well with Spanish-speaking individuals and/or families. I am a native Spanish born-speaker proficient as well in writing, and reading both in English and Spanish. I have also instructed classes, done family trainings, and provided translation during IEP meetings. I am currently living in Fayette, where you have an office, but with notice I can travel through-out NE Iowa. I can also volunteer in other ways at the Fayette office including administrative support.

      Thanks for the opportunity,

      Irma Hudson

      Irma Del Carmen Hudson
      February 16, 2017, @ 7:09 pm Reply
      • Wonderful, Irma! We are so grateful for your willingness. We will be in touch with projects for you soon.

        February 16, 2017, @ 7:12 pm Reply

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