Community Partnerships for Protecting Children

Community Partnerships For Protecting Children (CPPC)

With CPPC, community-based partnerships work to prevent child abuse, neglect, and re-abuse. They also aim to safely decrease the number of out-of-home placements, and they promote timely reunification when children are placed in foster care.

Community members, professionals, and families work together to develop and implement local programs, services, supports, and policies.

The long-term focus: protect children by changing the culture to improve child welfare processes, practices, and policies.

Four Elements of CPPC

Community partnerships are founded on the principle of shared responsibility for the safety of children. Partnerships are guided by organized shared decision-making committees that include a wide range of community members.

  • Recruit broad and diverse members
  • Identify and assess community strengths and gaps
  • Develop plans and leverage resources to fill priority gaps
  • Agree on measures, evaluate outcomes, and share accountability for outcomes

Promote cooperation and form alliances to increase accessible and relevant supports, services, and resources for families whose children are at risk.

  • Increase awareness
  • Establish and maintain relationships with supports and resources
  • Develop an organized infrastructure of neighborhood and community groups
Identify strengths, resources, and supports to reduce barriers and help families succeed.
  • Work to strengthen the use of family team meetings in the community
  • Use of family team meetings to offer better consistency in the way families function
  • Improve policies and practices to reduce barriers and increase accessibility and relevance of services.
  • Gather community data to identify and assess needs
  • Implement best practices
  • Seek input from both adults and youth
  • Implement and evaluate changes within the community
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