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So you won Friday nights game and went out to celebrate the victory. After all, you worked hard, why not party hard? Come Monday’s practice, Tuesday’s scrimmage and Wednesday’s game, you’re still not back on top of your game. Why? Maybe the game really took it out of you, or you didn’t sleep much this weekend. Or, maybe it’s because alcohol has more effect on your body than a Friday night buzz or a Saturday morning hangover.

American Athletic Institute’s Research Shows:

  • Every time you get drunk, you lose approximately 14 days of training efforts.
  • Getting drunk can reduce your performance by 15-30% in high school and college athletes.
  • Drinking alcohol after competition hinders recovery.
  • Reaction time can be affected even twelve hours after alcohol consumption.
  • Athletes who drink get sick more often and reduce their ability to repair damaged muscle.
  • Alcohol disturbs deep sleep. This reduces the body’s ability to recover.

Serious athletes, consider the effects alcohol will have on your ability to train, play, and win.

When you do play hard and win, celebrate. You deserve it. But celebrate in ways that won’t bring negative consequences to your body, your abilities or your team. Good luck.

  • Remember that when you are partying, that somewhere, someone else is not partying. And when you meet them, they will beat you.

    John Underwood, the American Athletic Institute

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