Off to College: Now What?

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The consequences of underage drinking are serious and long lasting. As a parent, one way you can prevent risky behaviors like underage drinking, is just by having conversations with your kids about your values and expectations.

Research shows that young people are three times more likely to use tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs if their parents don’t make clear rules about them. While your kids are under your roof, establish these rules and talk with them about your expectations. Some day they’ll leave your home and maybe go off to college on their own. Prepare them to make positive decisions in that next stage.

College may be right around the corner for your son or daughter. Your influence as a parent continues, even after you drop them off on campus. “Off to College: Now What?” has week by week tips to keep the communication open through the first six weeks of college and beyond. The booklet also includes a quick tool that may help you identify when your student may be struggling with alcohol and need some additional help.

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