I am 1 of 4 Keeping a Child Safe

Project Detail

This campaign focuses on promoting the safety of children, instead of the abuse of children. With this perspective, we can more easily identify when a child is not safe and take action.

The goals:

  • Every child can identify at least four trusted adults in their life.
  • Every adult challenges themselves and their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to better understand what a “trusted adult” really looks, feels and acts like for a child.

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Recently, I was meeting with a child survivor of domestic violence. I provided her with a bookmark from the “I AM 1 of 4” campaign and a brief explanation.

She chose to share her list with me when she completed it. I commented, “It’s great that you have so many people in your life you trust.” I added, “I notice your father is not on your list.” She turned the bookmark over to the “Trusting adult to me” side and said, “He’s not one of these adults.”

Some children will not add parents or significant caregivers to their list because they are more than confident in those primary caregiver relationships. Some children exclude for a different reason. “I AM 1 of 4” is intended to be a conversation starter. —Child Advocate


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