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    March 19, 2019
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    Businesses can host a Denim Day to engage their staff in fun, simple philanthropy that benefits local victims of domestic violence.
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Denim Day was originally started as a response to a 1997 sexual assault case in Italy, involving a victim who was wearing tight jeans. However, since sexual violence can be found in abusive relationships, this campaign fits well with our mission to end domestic violence.

Local businesses have been the energy behind Denim Days for many years. A variety of approaches have been taken:

  • Have staff donate for the privilege of wearing jeans on that day.
  • Bring in one of our advocates to share how their donations will help survivors of domestic violence.
  • Give each staff a “How to Help a Victim” card so they know the best way to be supportive if approached by someone in an abusive situation.
  • Encourage everyone to wear all the denim they have on Denim Day. Go all out. Then kindly “fine” anyone who doesn’t wear denim.
  • Share around the office an intriguing article or video about violence.

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