In today’s world, things don’t get done without the hands of volunteers.  They are indeed the heart of Helping Services.

2013 Volunteer Force-01Our diverse services share a common goal: promoting healthy kids, adults, families, and communities.  Because of great and growing requests for assistance, our staff of just over 30 people relies upon hundreds of volunteers—like you.  Your time and talents are invaluable.  And, from what you’ve told us, we know that the connection to community betterment adds meaning and richness to your life.

In this newsletter we’re honoring all the dedicated volunteers, without whom our mission would be impossible, and highlighting a few individuals whose stories we think you’ll find inspiring.

Benefit Others and Yourself | John Kelly, Board President

Mom Serves on Coalition to Respond to Local Substance Abuse | Jennifer Sellner

 This Volunteer Says, “Just Try It”  | Kathy Schwartzhoff

Volunteering: Opportunity for Appreciation | Katie Becker

Volunteering Health Benefits

Volunteers Help Adults and Kids During Crisis | Teresa Dehning

Volunteers Make It Mission Possible | David Runyon, Executive Director

 Youth Set the Example for Giving Back

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