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Imagine this scenario:

You work in a store that sells over-the-counter drugs. You watch customers coming and going, making their purchases. You wonder why the middle-aged man you help on a weekly basis needs so much cough medicine. You start noticing things, like youth that come in, but never buy anything. Look closer – abuse is going on.

Over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse is on the rise, especially in youth. You have the power to help decrease it. If you work for a business that sells these medications, this self-paced, online training will equip you to identify and prevent medicinal abuse in just ten minutes.

This quick training is for anyone who sells or supervises people who sell over-the-counter or prescription medications: Grocery clerks, pharmacy managers/owners, convenient store employees, etc.

  • Commonly abused medicine
  • How to set up and monitor your store’s medication sales
  • Ways to reduce consumer theft
  • How to pass compliance checks
  • Responsibilities for reporting suspicious activity

How to Dispose of Medication

Permanent Drug Drop-Off Containers

Drug Drop-Off Events | A Drug Drop-Off is a free, easy, and convenient way to clean out your medicine cabinet. All you have to do is keep your medications in their original containers, and take them to your nearest drop site.

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