Kaia Neal donation

For her 12th birthday, Kaia Neal had the idea that, instead of her friends bringing presents to her birthday party, that they bring a donation that would be given to a local charity.  Kaia wanted the donation used to help a family.  Her mom suggested they give the donation to Helping Services. So, Kaia decided to use the donation for the Resource Center Christmas Giving Project at Helping Services.

So on Halloween, just before Kaia got into her punk rocker costume, Kool-Aid pink dyed hair and all, Kaia and her mom came to the office and handed over her $262 donation.

Thank you Kaia for your creative spirit and wonderful example of thoughtful giving.

Above Photo: Kaia hands her birthday envelope to Deb Jacobi, Associate Director. 

You can be part of the Christmas Giving Project, too.

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